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Dennis Kigen

Frontend Engineer

Frontend Engineer crafting user interfaces. Interested in crafting magical web experiences, DX, documentation, and shipping maintainable code.

Currently building the future of open-source electronic medical records software for the developing world at OpenMRS.

Previously, I helped build Point of Care at AMPATH.


OpenMRS 3.x

Building the new frontend for the world's most popular open-source electronic health records system.

O3 Docs

Documentation site for O3, the frontend framework for OpenMRS.

O3 Form Builder

Build, test and publish OpenMRS forms, without the tears.


Documenting how to build, test and validate form schemas for OpenMRS.

React Weather

Weather that's easy on the eyes.


Focused on learning and building. Relentlessly devoted to fine, detailed polish. Deriving joy in novel interface experiences and design. Passionate about scaling myself through writing clear and inviting documentation.

In pursuit of crafting experiences that both delight and inspire users. Mindful of my time and attention so that I can produce quality work and feel productive.


Building fast, polished software for the web using modern features in JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Betting my future on React and Next.js for user interfaces. Setting my stall out on Tailwind for styling and TypeScript for type safety. Experimenting with Vite and Turbo for tooling and Zustand for state management. Loving Nextra for documentation and SWR for data fetching. Reaching for Testing Library, Jest, Vitest, MSW and Playwright for testing components. Curious about tRPC, Astro, Svelte and Prisma.

Reading and bookmarking timeless wisdom from Naval Ravikant, Paul Graham, Swyx, Kent C. Dodds, Krishnamurti, Nassim Taleb and more.

Curious about how I work? Check out my uses page.


If you're in Eldoret, let's go for a walk. Reach me at @dennisforthewin or